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Are You New to Web-Based CMMS?


For those people who are not familiar with the Computerized Maintenance Management System for grounds and parks or the CMMS, it is software that runs on servers that permits you in maintain an information's database regarding your organizations maintenance operations. The grounds maintenance software is capable of tracking things like when was the last time routine maintenance was performed on an asset or system to how many spare parts your organization might have lying around the warehouse. A CMMS is naturally instigated one of two ways. There is what is called a network implementation or desktop and the web-based implementation.


The network implementation or desktop of Computerized Maintenance Management System or the CMMS software refers to the approach that the servers in which the best maintenance work order software runs on are local, or is under the maintenance and ownership of your organization. Naturally, these servers will be accommodated at your organizations business headquarters and will be under the umbrella of support by your administrations IT department. A main disadvantage to a desktop or network approach is the high startup costs that are obligatory to implement this design. The high startup costs are due to the fact that your organization is accountable to purchase the server hardware required to handle the CMMS software. Another disadvantage to a desktop approach is that you can normally only access the CMMS software when you are on your organizations intranet, or local network. You can't access the CMMS from the internet.


The second approach is called the CMMS hosting or the web-based implementation of CMMS. The typical way a web-based approach works is exactly that, web-based. This means that your organization pays a third party that owns that hardware and the servers that the CMMS machine maintenance software is running on. A great advantage to the web-based CMMS approach is that you are allowed to access your database virtually anywhere in the world. What you all need, with the assumption of having the correct login details, is an internet connection. Another great advantage to a web-based CMMS is that your organization is not responsible for the support and maintenance of the hardware servers that the CMMS servers run on. When a server has a hardware failure, and the server will eventually fail, your organization doesn't have to worry about the costs of purchasing new hardware, and paying the IT group to fix the issue. You pay to have web access and leave the support to someone else.

If you want to learn more about CMMS  software, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_program.